Acublot reduces oil spills

Isjon is contributing to save our planet using human hair

One of the most common uses for sorbents is to prevent and / or clean-up small inland oil spills, but also to find significant applications in general housekeeping functions.

Such as improving the safety of workers and preventing wider contaminations.

Human hair is an excellent and proven organic sorbent of hydrocarbon oils and this property can be used to the advantage of many industries.

It is for this reason that the Acublot range of oil recovery mats aim to use the sorbing properties of hair to assist in preventing used hydraulic and lubrication oil spills, clean-up and recovery.

Our mats come in a variety of applications, and consist of an outer cover and an inner re-usable cartridge. The cartridge harnesses the adsorbing properties of hair and can be mechanically pressed to recover the adsorbed oil for resale.

acublot reduce oil spills.

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